The area of the Lika Destination encompasses most of the Lika-Senj County, and parts of Karlovac and Zadar counties, and as such it represents an ideal traffic meeting point for the north and south of Croatia.

There are three airports (Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka) at one or two hours' distance by car, as well as the seaports Zadar, Split a Rijeka. The main road which connects the north and the south of Croatia, the A1 highway, goes through our destination.


The magical beauty of the combination of the Mediterranean and the continent attracts the greatest world producers of marketing campaigns, so the visitors of the destination can often witness film frames from the commercial shootings for renowned automobile brands, such as Mercedes, Porsche and BMW.

Almost 60% of Lika Destination's surface is included in the European ecological network  NATURA 2000, and it is home to Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the ten most beautiful national parks in the world. The destination also includes Northern Velebit National Park, Paklenica National Park, Nature Park Velebit with its wonderful Zavratnica Bay and Cerovac Caves, Grabovača Cave Park which the only cave park in the world, Barać Caves, Croatian center for indigenous karst water fish and crab varieties and an array of natural phenomena which are unique and nowhere else to be found in the world.

Lika Destination is also where one of the greatest inventors of all time Nikola Tesla was born and raised, and you can find the „Nikola Tesla“ Memorial Center in Smiljan, his home village.

Thanks to an abundance of drinking water, healthy climate and pure nature, Lika Destination offers a unique gastronomical variety of products which carry the Lika Quality certificate.

The incredible nature beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage and unique gastronomy are the reason why 10% of all the tourists who come to Croatia visit exactly our Lika Destination.

A visit to Lika Destination is a truly unforgettable feeling, and with the shared promotional ticket, the Destination is even more accessible.

Our motto is sustainable development.

Lika Destination - Smart sustainable destination

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