Frequently Asked Questions


Is it cold in the cave?

The air temperature in cave structures is usually similar to the average annual temperature of the area in which they are located. The temperature in Upper Barać Cave is constant and never changes – but please bear in mind that this temperature is as low as 9°C. Due to this reason, we recommend you bring warmer clothing and appropriate footwear with you, regardless of the season.


Are the bats dangerous?

On the contrary! Bats are very useful because they are a natural regulator of the number of insects. All types of bats in Croatia are insect eaters. They are also useful as pollinators of a great number of plants. So, you have absolutely no reason to be afraid – quite the contrary, we are a much greater danger to bats than they are to us, as through deforestation and the use of pesticides we have a significant effect on the devastation of their habitats and sources of food. The folk legends about bats getting tangled in hair are also not true as bats are top-notch flyers, and they very easily avoid people while they’re swooping their way around the pitch dark in search of insects. The tales of vampire bats are also nothing but scare stories, as there are only three types of bats that drink animal blood, and all three of them live in South America.


How do caves develop?

Cave structures are formed in several ways:

  1. Tectonically (by movement of the bedrock)
  2. By abrasion (erosion of waves)
  3. By erosion (mechanical action of water, wind, ice etc.)
  4. By corrosion (chemical dissolution of rock)
  5. Volcanogenically (by volcanic processes, which can be channels through which lava once used to flow or due to the passage of gases and vapour)
  6. Artificially (created by man, due to which they are often not considered as true cave structures)
  7. Through the combined action of several of the previously listed means (MOST COMMON).


What is karst?

Karst is a unique type of relief with special hydrogeological and geomorphological features which develops in highly soluble rocks (most commonly calcium carbonate (CaCO3) or magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), with distinctive surface (karren, sinkholes, karst valleys, karst fields etc.) and underground forms (caves and pits).


Can pets enter the cave?

Pets are not allowed to enter the cave. However, if you have brought your pet with you to Barać Caves, we’ll take good care of it. On the excursion site, we provide a special place (box) where you can safely leave your pet while you’re visiting the cave.


Is there a restaurant or fast food establishment on the excursion site?

We do not currently offer any food on the excursion site. However, you can purchase juice, beer, coffee, ice-cream and snacks at our info centre, together with a variety of souvenirs.


Can small children enter the cave?

The cave welcomes visitors of all ages. Minors can visit the cave accompanied by a parent and/or teacher/guide in case of group visits.


What if I’m claustrophobic?

You are free to join the other visitors, and if you start feeling uncomfortable, a guide will escort you from the tour. According to our experience so far, visitors who suffer from claustrophobia most commonly do not feel uncomfortable when visiting our cave.


Is parking provided for visitors?

A free parking lot for all visitors is located in the vicinity of the excursion site, from which you can reach the excursion site by following a 500-metre-long educational trail. We plan to build a parking lot closer to the excursion site in the near future.


Can disabled persons visit the cave?

Depending on the severity of your disability, you are free to independently assess whether you will be able to visit the cave. The entrance to Upper Barać Cave is located about 200 metres from the info centre, and the path that leads to it includes steps. Unfortunately, for the time being we are not able to organise transport by wheelchair along this path. The future House of the Cave centre for visitors will provide full access to the disabled.


Can I enter the cave with a pram?

The entrance to Upper Barać Cave is located about 200 metres from the info centre, and the path that leads to it includes steps. This means that, unfortunately, the cave cannot be accessed with a pram. In addition, the configuration of the terrain inside the cave does not make it suitable for prams.


Can I take photos and videos inside the cave?

You can take photos inside the cave, but please refrain from using your flash. Taking videos of the cave is not permitted. For information on other types of recording, please visit PHOTO AND VIDEO PROTOCOL at


Can I reach Barać Caves by bus?

At the moment, there is no direct bus connection from the surrounding villages. However, you can visit us by car, on foot, by bike or by taxi:   :


Do I need to book my visit to the cave in advance?

Individual visitors do not need to book their visit to the cave in advance, as tours are organised upon arrival. The departure times of the tours are not preset. However, we strive to reduce the waiting time between two tours as much as possible, and waiting time usually ranges between 15 and 40 minutes.


Please note! Organised group visits (agencies and similar) need to be booked in advance, at least two days prior to arrival.