Public Institution Barać Caves – Protected Areas Management In the Municipality of Rakovica was founded in line with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act, at the initiative of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Rakovica, with the aim of protecting, preserving, promoting and using the protected natural values on the territory of the Municipality of Rakovica. By virtue of the Decision on Incorporation, it was registered with the Commercial Court in Karlovac as a nonprofit organisation in the ownership of the founder. The activity of the institution is regulated by legal regulations, the Decision on Incorporation, the Statute of the Institution and other acts that the Institution enacts pursuant to legal regulations. The Institution is managed by the Governing Council in accordance with the law. According to the decisions of the Governing Council, the Institution is led by the Director, and work on the protection of the natural environment on the territory of the Municipality of Rakovica is coordinated together with the representatives of the Municipality.

The core activity of the Public Institution Barać Caves is protecting, preserving, promoting and using protected natural values and:

  • monitoring the implementation of measures and conditions for the protection of the natural environment on the territory under its management
  • proposing the protection of natural areas of exceptional value

The protected area under the management of the Institution: 

The initiative for the protection of Barać Caves was initiated in 1999, when the Physical Planning Institute of the Karlovac County, pursuant to the opinion of the Karlovac Speleological Association, created a plan on the foundedness of proclaiming Barać Caves in Nova Kršlja a protected natural area – geomorphological monument. However, protection was not implemented at this point.

The wider area of Barać Caves is also of archaeological importance, which it why it was preventively protected as an archaeological zone by virtue of the Decision of the Conservation  Department in Karlovac in 2003.

The wider area of Barać Caves was preventively protected up to 2011. Permanent protection of the area was proclaimed on 29 March 2016.

The term Barać Caves covers Upper Barać Cave, Lower Barać Cave right below it, New Barać Cave and Baraćevac Spring Cave. Although 5 more cave structures are present in the protected area, the entire region bears the name Barać Caves due to the recognisability of this moniker.

The protected area encompasses an area of 5.19 km2 and is located in the Municipality of Rakovica.

Valuation of the area determined that various relief types were developed on the territory of the Protected Landscape of Barać Caves, with karst relief predominating. Under ground, there are cave structures with dripstones, Pleistocene fossilised remains and endemic cave fauna and archaeological finds. The entire area includes rare and endangered habitat types and the endangered and strictly protected species related to them. The way in which the area has been used so far does not represent a threat to the natural environment (biodiversity, geodiversity and landscape diversity).

The aim of protection is to preserve the geomorphological and geospeleological values of the karst area, as well as the mosaic-like landscape, its natural and semi-natural habitats and the biodiversity related to them.

Name of protected area: Barać Caves
Protection category: Protected Landscape
IUCN protection category: V / Protected landscape/seascape
County: Karlovac County
Municipality of Rakovica
Area of protected area: 518.66 ha/5.19 km2

Company name and abbreviated company name

Public Institution Barać Caves – Protected Areas Management In the Municipality of Rakovica

Public Institution Barać Caves

Company seat Nova Kršlja 47a

Court of registry  Commercial Court in Karlovac

Number of registry  020035042

Company share capital  HRK 80,000.00 (paid in full)

Governing Council of the Institution Darka Spudić, Sanjin Mihelić, Nikola Magdić, Zoran Luketić, Nenad Bogović

Director Tihana Oštrina, sturč.spec.oecc., MBA

Bank and bank account number Karlovačka banka,

IBAN HR1124000081190261154