Dear visitors,

bats are protected species and they hibernate during the winter. Hibernation is extended period of deep sleep that allows them to survive cold winters so Barac caves will be closed from November 2020 to March 2021.

Bats are extremely important part of the world’s ecosystems and they are threatened by loss of shelter and hunting habitat. Systematic monitoring has shown that the number and distribution of individuals in our cave is approximately the same, which indicates that such protection measures are effective.

We are opening again in the Spring when our presence won’t be a threat to them.

We remind you that our hiking trails are open all year round but we don’t recommend hiking in case of a bad weather.

Thank you for understanding!


International Bat Night is held every year on the last weekend in August.  It has been commemorated since 1997, under the auspices of the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats– EUROBATS.

Bats are the only mammals that fly, and so far more than 1,200 bat species have been discovered.  All bat species living in Croatia, 33 of them, are strictly protected by the Nature Protection Act.

On this occasion, public nature conservation institutions and various nature conservation organisations and NGOs share their knowledge about bats, their way of life, habits and the needs of different bat species. They also point to their indispensable role in preserving the natural balance in ecosystems, as well as to the need to preserve and protect them.


Since many people still have a fear of these lovable critters, our public institution has created a commemorative picture book and colouring book for the youngest lovers of nature.  The picture book can be purchased at the info kiosk of Barać Caves, and in it you will discover who these creatures that are lucky enough to enjoy the environment of Barać Caves are, and much much more.



Lika Destination pass / Experience more, save more

The Lika area is a destination that boasts exceptional biodiversity, rich cultural heritage and a first-class culinary offer prepared from autochthonous ingredients. Lika feaures more than 30 attractions, which is a great excuse to extend your stay in the area for several days.  In order to unify the offer of the entire region, a card has been launched that offers discounts for the entire area of the destination, and which can be purchased online.

By purchasing the IQM Pass, you can save at least 10 – 30% on the individual price of services and products in hotels, hostels, camps, private accommodation, restaurants, attractions, etc. Barać Caves are part of the Lika destination, and by purchasing the card you can get an additional discount on tickets, souvenirs and other offers.

We invite you to take advantage of the benefits of the Lika pass in the coming period to explore the natural beauty and attractions of this stunning region, and experience its one-of-a-kind fusion of mountains and sea.
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The design of the SPELEON  centre of subterannean heritage has been completed . We are in the phase of obtaining a building permit for the construction of this facility, and we hope that by the end of the year we will agree on the contractor and start construction. The completion of the project, i.e. the opening of the visitor centre, is planned for the end of 2022, and the financing is provided from ESI funds.
We are proud to present visualisations of the final look of our center. This first-class feat of architecture is the work of the Zagreb architect Kristina Radelić from the company STO POSTO PRIRODNO d.o.o., while the design of the exhibition, i.e. interior design was created by Marko Barišić from the Šibenik company KOCKA d.o.o.
Kazimir Miculinić (paleontology), Krešimir Raguž (archeology), Neven Bočić (geology) and Hrvoje Cvitanović (speleology) are here to to provide an expert background and an interpretation of the key natural assets that will be presented at the centre.
We are extremely proud of our project proposal, which will very soon become a mega project in Rakovica.
You can read more about the project at the link .



New walking trails open at Barać Caves

Follow the footsteps of a wolf, lynx or bear.

This week, three new educational and recreational walking trails were opened at the Significant Landscape of Barać Caves in the Rakovica Municipality. The public institution has thus opened its doors to an even greater number of nature lovers. All hikers, recreationists and Nordic walking enthusiasts have at their disposal three trails that pass through a larger complex of mixed deciduous forest, located within a protected area. The trails are named after the protected large carnivores that live in the area of the significant landscape – wolf, lynx and bear.

The director of the Public Institution, Tihana Oštrina, commented that the importance of the walking trails was manifold – in addition to expanding the tourist offer, they will also help involve the local population in caring for the environment, while also creating new insights into sustainable development and its potential in the development of this selective form of tourism in our area. The advantages of the newly opened walking trails were also pointed out by the mayor of Rakovica, Franjo Franjković, the director of the Tourist Board of the Rakovica Municipality, Mira Špoljarić, and the president of the Athletic Club Plitvice, Leopold Špehar.

The total length of the trails is 11.5 km. The trails are circular in shape, and all of them start and finish at Barać Caves Whether you wish to walk in the footsteps of a wolf, lynx or bear, we offer you 11 reasons, that is, kilometers, to do so. All you need to do is decide which path you want to follow.

“Homo homini lupus est” – a man does not have to be a wolf to another man, but just like wolves, people like to move in their “pack”, that is, surrounded by their closest ones.  If you decide to go for a walk in nature with your family, then the “Wolf Trail” is the perfect choice for you. It is suitable for beginner walkers, its length is 1.2 km, and the round trip takes only 20 minutes.

The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is an endangered mammal species in Croatia. The lynx needs a lot of living space, which makes it one of the most demanding and challenging species for conservation. Their presence is a sign that the ecosystem has remained very well preserved. The movement of lynxes has been recorded in the area of the Significant Landscape, and we offer you a 3 km long trail to discover for yourself the uniqueness of the forest ecosystem in which lynxes occasionally find refuge. Just one hour is enough for the entire round trip – so why not start planning your visit today?

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a giant of our mountain forests. The third path follows in its footsteps. Just like the bear, on your way to the most beautiful lookout points you can find refreshment at forest springs and streams. Since it is 7.5 km long, the trail is most suitable for walkers who welcome a good challenge and have at least 3 hours at their disposal.

To conclude, the director emphasised the importance of raising awareness of all the benefits of spending time in nature. This is why, at Barać Caves, we offer you the one-of-a-kind experience of trails that are many kilometres long, passing through the stunning environment of the Protected Landscape and its caves, sinkholes, springs and streams – to complement your experience of clean, wild and preserved nature!

“Happiness is being with nature, looking at it and talking to it.” L. N. Tolstoy
We have already stepped on the walking trails and found our path to happiness – now it’s up to you to choose which of the three offered trails best suits your way of life.



ZAJEDNIČKA ULAZNICA ZA LIKA DESTINACIJU/ Istražite Liku kroz 8 zaštićenih područja od promotivnu cijenu paketa. Paket vouchera možete kupiti na ulazima Nacionalnog parka Plitvička jezera, te na online stranici Naše Baraćeve špilje🦇 također su dio priče, stoga vas pozivamo da rezervirate svoje termine i vidimo se u Lika Destinaciji!  Read more “ZAJEDNIČKA ULAZNICA ZA LIKA DESTINACIJU”

Dan planeta zemlje 2020

Čitajući ovih dana o našem planetu, ipak smo pronašli dobru stvar u ovom kaosu prouzrokovanom pandemijom virusa COVID-19. Majka priroda se oporavlja i to je uistinu pozitivna vijest koja nam daje nadu za spas planeta.

Čini se da su ljudi koji odlaze u izolaciju zbog pandemije koronavirusa jedna od stvari koja smanjuje naš utjecaj na ugljik. Zahvaljujući tome što manje izlazimo razine dušikovog dioksida koji uglavnom potječu iz ispušnih plinova iz vozila i količine čestica koje dolaze iz prometa i izgaranja goriva se vidljivo smanjuju!

Kako je sve počelo? Dan planeta Zemlje bio je jedinstveni odgovor na krizno stanje okoliša. Dana 22. travnja 1970. 20 milijuna Amerikanaca – tada 10% američke populacije – izašlo je na ulice kako bi prosvjedovali zbog ekološkog neznanja zahtijevajući promjene. Stoga je taj „Prvi“ Dan planeta Zemlje zaslužan za pokretanje modernog ekološkog razmišljanja, a sada je prepoznat kao najveći civilni događaj na planeti. Službeno, Dan planete Zemlje obilježava se od 1992. godine kada je tokom Konferencije UN-a o okolišu i razvoju u Rio de Janeiru,  usklađen opsežni program mjera kojima je cilj održivi razvoj. Tema obilježavanja Dana planeta Zemlje 2020 je očuvanje klime. Ogromni izazovi, ali i ogromne mogućnosti djelovanja na klimatske promjene izdvojili su to pitanje kao goruću temu za ovu, 50. obljetnicu. Klimatske promjene predstavljaju jedan od najvećih izazova za budućnost čovječanstva. Možda ova situacija s koronavirusom malo pomogne. Što mislite?

Ova fotografija prikazuje djelić naše planete iznad Baraćevih špilja