Rules of Conduct at the Protected Landscape of Barać Caves

The Protected Landscape of Barać Caves is a mostly pristine area that features exceptional natural values located within several preserved or mostly preserved ecosystems, and its primary objective is to safeguard the natural environment in its original state. The wider area of Barać Caves is protected pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act.

We kindly ask you to contribute to the protection of this area of exceptional value and beauty by adhering to the following rules of conduct:

Do not light fires or use open flames in outdoor areas.
Do not throw cigarette butts and matches.
Please take your trash with you, instead of throwing it into the natural environment.
Please keep your dog leashed.
Do not deviate from the marked trails.

Do not damage the trees and shrubs.
Do not pick plants or mushrooms.
Do not frighten, disturb, hunt or kill any type of animal.
Do not pollute the watercourses and springs.
Please refrain from making noise.
Camping in the area of the Protected Landscape of Barać Caves is not permitted.

Do not drive your vehicle outside the marked roads.

Please adhere to local customs and traditions.

Visitors are obliged to personally supervise their children during their visit.

Do not damage the property of the Public Institution.

Groomed walking trails, children’s playgrounds and other amenities are at the disposal of visitors.


Special Rules for Upper Barać Cave:


Visitors may visit the cave only when escorted by a guide.

Individual visits to the cave are not permitted.

Do not deviate from the marked trails.

You may take photographs, but using your flash is strictly prohibited.

Please do not take any video recordings.

Please do not touch the cave ornaments and waterdrops, and please refrain from damaging the interior of the cave in any way.

Please do not disturb the bats.

Dogs cannot enter the cave.

You are obliged to keep your ticket with you while visiting Upper Barać Cave and show it to the official employees of the Public Institution at their request.

Link: Pravilnik o unutarnjem redu u Značajnom krajobrazu Baraćeve špilje.

If you happen to have any other enquiries, feel free to contact us.