Report for 2017

Radiation Protection Unit
Head of Unit: Gordana Marović
Head of Affairs: Tomislav Bituh
Associates: Mak Avdić, mag. ing. kem. tehn., Jasminka Senčar, Marko Šoštarić,

The testing conducted on the site of the cave structure of Barać Caves, in Upper Barać Cave in 2017, showed the presence of elevated concentrations of radon activity, and thus also the expected measurement results for ionising radiation. The values of concentration of radon activity are within the parameters recorded for other caves in Croatia and worldwide, and in such amounts do not pose a hazard to the health of employees and visitors. The discovered seasonal fluctuations of radon concentrations are commonplace due to the environmental conditions in the cave and outside it. For a more detailed analysis and a more reliable assessment of the exposure of cave employees, more frequent measurements on several locations in the cave would be necessary. The exposure of people and locations to ionising radiation should, in the near future, be incorporated in the new ordinance on monitoring radioactivity in the environment, and it will demand the systematic monitoring of sites such as Barać Caves.