Report drafted by: Neven Bočić Nenad Buzjak

After the completion of research, and on the basis of available data, the following conclusions can be made:
– the average air temperature at the measuring stations in Upper Barać Cave and Lower Barać Cave is as follows:

BARD-1 9.82°C;
BARD-2 10.78°C;
BARG-1 9.69°C,
BARG-2 10.66°C

– the average measured relative humidity at the measuring stations in Upper Barać Cave and Lower Barać Cave is almost 100% (rounded to two decimal places);

– the stated average values and the air temperature and relative humidity curve indicate that these are typical cave conditions with, generally speaking, slight oscillations that largely depend on seasonal variations in external values, and less on diurnal variations;

– certain specificities in relation to the values of internal and external air temperatures have been discovered and merit further research.

On the basis of the presented data and conclusions, the following is proposed:

– establishing a denser network of measuring stations

– ensuring the technical conditions for permanent monitoring with the shortest interruptions in data sequences possible;

– establishing monitoring with a higher reading density (e.g. 15 min) in the part of Upper Barać Cave that is opened to tourists for certain periods, in order to monitor the possible effect of visitors on the microclimate;

– in addition to spatial distribution, allowing for the monitoring of the vertical distribution of air temperature;

– in addition to the monitoring of temperature and air humidity, it is also necessary to measure other parameters such as air flow and the content of CO2 in the air in the cave;

– including other forms of monitoring the environment (monitoring of water, soil and sediments).